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Detachable Towbars

If you are thinking of towing a trailer, caravan or other device on the back of your car or van, then a detachable towbar from us here at fast fitz could be the solution you are looking for. If you are going to be towing for only a short amount of time, or will not be towing on a regular basis, then a detachable towbar would be a cheaper and more efficient solution for you and your vehicle. Here at fast fitz, we guarantee that our detachable towbars are equally as sturdy as any permanent towbar solution and will be fully capable of pulling the same weights as any permanent towbar.

The main advantages of having a detachable towbar fitted, is that you can quickly and simply remove it yourself at any time and safely put it in storage until it is next needed. Most vehicles that have had detachable towbars fitted, will never show any signs of having one fitted and can have the towbar removed and fitted as many times as is needed.

We are able to fit a Detachable Towbar to any vehicle

We have been researching and specialising in detachable towbars for over 15 years and have now sourced a range of the best available in the UK. We guarantee to be able to fit a removable towbars to any vehicle and will show you how to safely fit and remove the towbar yourself for future reference.